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  • Episode 50

    Moss and Dale are back for another episode.
    This month we are reviewing Sparky Linux 7.2 OpenBox/E25, and Zorin OS 17 PRO.
    Updates Solus, Redcore, Slackel, DeBodhi 32- and 64-bit, Ubuntu 
    Beautiful failures OpenMandriva 5 ROCK

  • Episode 48

    Distrohoppers' Digest Episode48
    Hosts: Moss Bliss, Dale Miracle, Eric Adams
    Monthly Foibles
    Updates: Slackel 7.7, Budgie Desktop
    Beautiful Failures:
    Reviews: Linux Mint Debian Edition 6 “Faye”
    New Releases

  • Episode 42

    This Month Moss and Dale are Joined by Eric our new host and discuss BigLinux, OpenMandriva, ROME, Slackel, FreeBSD, Void, Voyger, Ubuntu Budgie and Xubuntu in updates. Reviews are Elementary OS7, Zinc 22.04.2 and Fedora 37

  • Episode 15

    This time Moss and Tony look at Bunsenlabs Linux and share what they have learned while they Distro hop. We also welcome a community review of Slackel from our friend Dale Miracle.

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