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I’m a multifaceted – but dreadfully impoverished – person, involved in various obscure bits of music, computers, lots of other things, currently substitute teaching, and have ordinations in multiple spiritual organizations, none of which you have likely heard of, including being Chief Bard of Triad Bardic College. I became one of the new co-hosts of mintCast podcast back in October 2018.

I have worked as Senior Editor of a tiny publishing company with editors worldwide, and have worked in offices across the country as a secretary. Because of this, I have a much lesser opinion of LibreOffice than most, and prefer SoftMaker Office (unpaid promotion, and feel free to get the free version, FreeOffice).

I have trained hundreds of people (for free) on various bits of computer software over the decades, and have used various distros of Linux since 2002, going all-out in 2011 only to have Ubuntu’s switch to Unity in 2012 not work on my machine (back to Windoze7). I then made the change to Linux Mint permanently in 2016 upon witnessing many huge security concerns after a forced upgrade to Win10.

I am constantly preaching Linux to friends and installing it on their computers, and am convinced that 2024 is the Year of the Linux Desktop (or 2025, or maybe 2026).

I’m a singer-songwriter and performer, and my music can be found on a few YouTube channels (I’m not the young, black, gospel singer from South Africa of the same name; until he showed up I was the only Moss Bliss on the Internet).

You can support me by buying my music at http://mordewis.bandcamp.com or buying a physical CD at http://Kunaki.com/MSales.asp?PublisherId=149457 . You can read my writings, poems and lyrics at https://peacefulhippo.info. I can be found on YouTube channels attributed to PrinceShoko1, my wife Suzanne Bliss, or my own channel, bardmoss.

You can contact me via [email protected]. I have a presence in various corners of the Internet, including Discord, Telegram, and Mastodon (I’m completely off Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites).

Huge hippo hugs,

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