I have now set up a Sponsus account for regular sponsorships (Moss Only – Tony doesn’t want any more money). Please visit the page at https://sponsus.org/u/zaivala .  This will help defray the costs of new computer stuff (used, cheap) and also help me set up a local LUG, and in really hard times (which these have been) even give me a few bucks for food.

Sponsus will take regular monthly payments until you cancel them. They keep $0.30 plus 7%. Donations should be a minimum of $3.00 US per month, just because of how they process payments.

I have tier levels, or you can just make a single donation. There are a few things you might get for your donation, based on the tier, or you can just ask.

The owner of this site is a kid fresh out of college who loves Linux, and right now he’s making a whopping $91/mo on this site, so I don’t mind giving him a few pennies along the way and hope you don’t either.

You can also donate directly to me at PayPal to [email protected].

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