Episode 27

Moss, Dale and Tony discuss what has been going on and review Storm OS and Feren OS 2021.10

Contact Info:

For chatting with us further, you may choose to join our 23 users in Telegram, our 51 members on MeWe, or the 11 users in our growing channel in Discord.

Dale: I’m @Dale_CDL on Telegram, Matrix, and Discord #9433. My email is [email protected]

Tony: You can hear me nearly every week on mintCast, and contact me at [email protected], http://hackerpublicradio.org/correspondents.php?hostid=338, Twitter @TonyH1212, [email protected]

Moss: And you can hear me every week on Full Circle Weekly News, email at [email protected], my Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Mastodon contact info is in the show notes, [I’m Moss Bliss on Telegram, @MossHippoLinux #3616 on Discord, @bardictriad on Twitter, @[email protected] on Mastodon,] and you can find me, Dale and Dylan, at ItsMOSS dot com

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