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  • Episode 52

    Welcome to Distrohppers’ Digest Episode 52. In Monthly Foibles, Dale recounts a month of balancing rest and productivity, from exploring Linux Mint's Backup Tool to diving into Sway customization. Eric shares his quest for the perfect headphones for podcast editing. Updates cover Solus' vibrant community growth and Ubuntu's latest LTS release, while our 'Beautiful Failures' segment explores Dale's dual-booting mishap and Eric's journey through various distros, landing back at Ubuntu 24.04. Eric reviews Ubuntu 24.04 LTD “Noble Numbat” and Dale covers Tuxedo OS. (edited)

  • Episode 51

    On this episode we talk server upgrades, WiFi woes, Xebian and Fedora fails, and review BunsenLabs Linux Boron and KDE neon User Edition featuring the recently released KDE Plasma 6.

  • Episode 50

    Moss and Dale are back for another episode.
    This month we are reviewing Sparky Linux 7.2 OpenBox/E25, and Zorin OS 17 PRO.
    Updates Solus, Redcore, Slackel, DeBodhi 32- and 64-bit, Ubuntu 
    Beautiful failures OpenMandriva 5 ROCK

  • Episode 49

    We took a break from our reviews to do a year in review. We reflect on our favorite distros, activities, and what we look forward to in 2024.

  • Episode 47

    Moss, Dale and Eric are Back.
    The Reviews this Month are: Bodhi 7.0.0, Garuda Sway, Manjaro 23 "Uranos" Cinnamon Edition

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