Episode 26

Moss Bliss, Tony Hughes and Dale Miracle are back Talking about Zorin 16, Sparky Linux 6 LXQt, KaOS/Elementary dual-booting, Reviews: Xero Linux, Sparky Linux 6 Mate

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For chatting with us further, you may choose to join our 23 users in Telegram, our 51 members on MeWe, or the 7 users on our channel in Discord.

You can find us @

Dale: I’m @Dale_CDL on Telegram, Matrix and Discord #9433. My email is [email protected]

Tony: You can hear me nearly every week on mintCast, and contact me at [email protected], http://hackerpublicradio.org/correspondents.php?hostid=338, Twitter @TonyH1212, [email protected]

Moss: And you can hear me every week on Full Circle Weekly News, reach me as @bardictriad on Twitter, email at [email protected] (yes, I finally have a paid Protonmail account), and find me, along with Dale and Dylan, at ItsMOSS dot com.

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